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Free 2-week trial subscriptions are available to Offices of Sponsored Research (or equivalent grants offices) and to Libraries at U.S. colleges and universities on a one-time basis. Current subscribers to The Grant Advisor paper version may also apply for a trial subscription. If you qualify, please fill out the form below and click on the Submit button.

ACCESS: There are two kinds of access for subscribers: IP Access and Password Access. For IP Access, you must be connected to the Internet from your campus computer system, not from a commercial Internet service provider. Connections using IP Access are transparent -- no password is needed -- plus you may place a link to our IP Access page directly from your web site. If you are unable to connect to the Internet from your campus computer system, or if you would prefer to connect from an off-campus system (e.g. when traveling or working from home), you may connect using Password Access. As a subscriber, you will be e-mailed a new password each month for the duration of your subscription.

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